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Time-Saving Meal Plans for Busy Families

Having a meal plan helps us to eat healthily, cook for ourselves, save time, and save money. We save money since we can plan our groceries with what we already have in our pantry and cook multiple meals at once with the same products. This also saves us time since we cook our meals on the weekends for the rest of the week. Today we will share some example meal plans that you can use for your family.

We personally don’t mind eating the same dish twice a week as we love leftovers. That way we only have to cook for ourselves once, the other time we heat up the leftovers. Sometimes we even save up leftovers from multiple dishes and combine these into a meal. If you’re not a fan of this you could also make a meal with almost the same ingredients the second night. The dish might look like the dish from the first night, but it will save time and money. Here are the meal plans examples:

Meal plan example 1

Monday risotto (here’s our risotto with green peas and pesto)
Tuesday burrito (check out our vegetarian burrito)
Wednesday leftover risotto from Monday
Thursday soup with bread (check out this healthy broccoli zucchini soup recipe or easy vegetable soup recipe)
Friday quesadilla (here’s our vegetarian recipe with guacamole)

Meal plan example 2

Monday casserole with potatoes (check out this recipe)
Tuesday tacos (check out our vegan taco recipe)
Wednesday spinach tortilla (our go-to recipe when we are not in the mood to cook, check it out here)
Thursday leftover tacos from Tuesday
Friday hamburgers (here’s a hamburger recipe)

We already explained more about how we plan our meals in this article. Read this if you want to have more background information. There is also a meal plan included in this article.

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