Recipe: Stewed Pears

Stewed pears are a great side dish at a fancy dinner party and we often make them during Christmas. They can also be used in a dessert. The pears get really tasty from the flavors of the spices and wine that we add. Are you curious about our stewed pear recipe?

Recipe: 3 Easy Sauces Part 3

We regularly share our easy sauce recipes. These sauces are not made for one specific dish, they can be eaten in combination with many different dishes. We will share some examples of dishes that you can combine these sauces with.

Recipe: Yogurt Red Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies can be a good snack between meals or breakfast for example. We usually make easy smoothies with ingredients that we have left. We don't add any sugars since we want our smoothies to be healthy. And they usually don't really need it anyways as the fruits make them sweet enough. Today we'll share our yogurt red fruit smoothie recipe.

Recipe: Quick Mango Milkshake

We like drinking smoothies and milkshakes, especially during summer. It helps us cool down on hot days and we really enjoy that fruity fresh taste. And on top, it's really easy to make! Today we will share our quick mango milkshake recipe. (Hint; you can replace the mango with other types of fruit)

Recipe: 3 Easy Sauces Part 2

A sauce can bring a meal to another level if you pick the right sauce. Making your own sauce doesn't have to be hard. We will share some of our simplest sauce recipes that you can make at home.

Why Should you add Wine to the Pan?

In some of our recipes, we recommend adding wine to the pan after baking your ingredients in it. We didn't explain why every time, as that would make the recipes unnecessarily long. However, we don't want you to blindly follow what we do, we want you to understand why we add wine to the pan after baking these ingredients. Wine adds more flavour to some dishes, but you can also use other drinks in your cooking. You will only get better at cooking by understanding what you're doing and why.

How to Make Paneer?

Paneer is a mild cheese that is often used in Indian dishes. Of course, you can buy paneer from the supermarket or at other shops, however, making your own paneer is really easy. We make the paneer beforehand so that we don't have an extra task when we are making dinner.

Recipe: 3 Easy Sauces

Some would think that the best dishes or sauces are difficult to make. However, sometimes the easiest recipes can be really tasty. We would like to share some really easy-to-make sauces with you since we love a good sauce with our food and it doesn't have to be hard to create a good sauce. We often mix existing sauces together with some spices to create new ones!

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