Sandwich with Croquette and Coleslaw

Two weeks ago, we posted a coleslaw recipe and mentioned that it tastes good on sandwiches. Today's article will be one example of how coleslaw can be great on sandwiches or buns. A croquette is a Dutch snack. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Traditionally, croquettes are made of a salpicon made from beef. We made a combination of croquette with coleslaw and sauce. This sandwich can be made with meat as well as a vegetarian, or even a vegan croquette, whichever you prefer.

Spinach Feta Börek

Börek is a Turkish snack that is usually filled with cheese and vegetables. It’s a vegetarian snack and a nice snack to serve when you have friends or family over.

Recipe: Quesadillas with Guacamole

Quesadillas are a great snack in the evening and can be eaten as a meal as well. We put a lot of vegetables and cheese in our quesadillas. Guacamole and sour cream or yogurt make for a great combination with quesadillas. In this article, we will share our recipe.

The Best Dirty Nachos Recipe

Nachos are a great snack for the weekend. We don't make them often, but when we do, we do it right! A good plate of nachos is soo right and delicious! Try our dirty nacho recipe and let us know what you think.

Super Tasty Grilled Cheese Sandwich Variations

Grilled cheese sandwiches are an easy snack to make. Sometimes make a grilled cheese sandwich to eat with a bowl of soup. It's also a great standalone lunch and one of the best things in the world to eat when you're drinking. There are many ingredients you can add that will make the grilled cheese sandwich even yummier. We will share some of our favorite variations today.

Serving Tray with Vegetarian Snacks

Sometimes we make a 'borrelplank’ (Dutch word) when we have friends over or when we want to drink a glass of wine and eat some snacks together. A 'borrelplank’ is a tray with snacks or appetizers on there, kind of like a charcuterie. The difference is that charcuterie is a plate with meat on there and we make it vegetarian. Today we want to show you some ideas for a vegetarian snack serving tray as we usually don't eat a lot of meat, and there are a lot of options other than a cheese platter or a charcuterie.

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