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5 Healthy and Tasty Lunch Recipes

It can be hard to come up with healthy lunch ideas when you want to eat a varied diet. This article might help you with that problem as we’ll be sharing 5 healthy and tasty recipes suitable for lunch.

This vegan Bulghur Salad is easy to make. You can make one salad and share it with your family or eat the salad multiple times. We often make this salad for family and friends and most of them love it!

This Zucchini Broccoli soup can be made within 15 minutes. It’s easy, it’s healthy and it’s delicious. If you don’t want to eat it all at once. You can easily freeze some portions to eat them later.

Fried rice is an easy meal to make and this recipe contains a lot of vegetables.

An Omelet for lunch is always a good idea. We made a recipe with a lot of vegetables in it. You can eat this omelet with bread for example.

Couscous is a perfect dish for lunch, the first day I’ll eat it warm (usually for dinner) and the next day I often eat it cold. With some dried fruits and feta cheese, this dish is one of my favorites.

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