Basic Recipe for Meringue

Meringue is often used in deserts. Making meringue can be a lengthy process, but it’s definitely doable. That is to say doable if you have an oven that can function at low temperatures. Today we will share a basic recipe for meringue. You can steer the look and taste of meringue rather easily as long as you don’t throw in anything too heavy and you don’t change the proportions too much. You can add lime, and food coloring, or use a different attachment for a piping bag for example.

⏲ 20 minutes
⏳ 3-5 hours

100 grams of egg whites
200 grams of sugar
100 grams of powdered sugar
20 grams of cornstarch

How to make it?
Preheat the oven to 70 degrees Celsius. Never heat the oven to a temperature higher than 80 degrees Celsius. At a higher temperature, the meringues become very very likely to form cracks because they’ll rise too fast and too far. If the mixture is too cold the sugars won’t be absorbed by the mixture as well. You can preheat the egg whites to around 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. Weight the ingredients and add them together in a bowl. Whip the egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch until the mix forms stiff peaks. To test the consistency of your meringue, lift the beater out of the bowl. The peaks you can form in the egg whites should stand straight up. The whites shouldn’t slide if you tilt the bowl, and it should be one mix; no watery egg whites left.

We made forms using a piping bag and attachments. You can make one big wreath or multiple tiny figures for example. Let the meringue dry for about 3-5 hours in the oven.

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