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Guide for Catania, Sicily

Catania is a town some tourists recommend, but there is definitely room for discussion on this topic. We liked Catania, but it was definitely not the best place we’ve seen in Sicily. We’ll share our highlights in this guide for Catania.

Some parts are dirty because of all the garbage on the streets, however, some other parts look very nice. Via Etnea and Via Santa Filomena are nice parts, but it’s also more tourists there.

One place that we really liked was the Bellini Gardens. This was a small walk from our apartment, and the park was very big. This was a nice place with a lot of green where we could go when we wanted to escape the city.

The high of the trip was the tour we did to the Etna. We hiked from about 1800 meters to about 2500 meters high. It was steep, but the guides stopped every 10 minutes to rest and tell us something about the Etna and its history. The tour was interesting, we learned a lot, and the views were amazing! We booked through to get your guide with Etnaround.

There are ruins left of an amphitheater, which is worth checking out. There is a Catholic church (Église Sainte-Agathe de la Fournaise) close by that you can visit, and we can also recommend going to the Cathedral of Catania. These were our highlights on Catania, if you have visited Catania and have other recommendations please share them in the comments.

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