Recipe: Healthy Couscous Bowl

We think it’s important to eat healthy and tasty meals most of the time. We don’t want to eat the same dishes every time. So we try new recipes, like this healthy couscous bowl. It’s a dish that is not hard to make, and it tastes very good!

⏲15 minutes
🍽 2 portions

175 grams of couscous
1 red pepper
1 paprika
1 big avocado or 2 small ones.
150 grams of corn
15 grams of lime juice
A teaspoon of dried coriander or fresh according to taste
Half a teaspoon of paprika powder
Half a teaspoon of cumin powder
80 grams of Greek yogurt

How to make it?
Put the couscous with the same amount of cooked water in a bowl and cover the bowl. We sometimes add half a cube of stock to give the couscous more flavour. Cut the vegetables and leak the can with corn. Add the herbs and lime juice to the couscous and mix it. Add all the ingredients to a bowl or plate, and enjoy!

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