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Recipe: Hutspot (mashed potatoes and carrots)

Stamppot is a typical Dutch dish, it’s a dish with mashed potato and others vegetables mixed into it. Usually, it’s served with gravy and meat. We personally like making it vegetarian and with a sauce instead of a traditional gravy. Today we will share a recipe with mashed potatoes and carrots, which is called Hutspot in Dutch.

⏲ 20-25 minutes for the mash, 10 minutes for the sauce, and 5-10 minutes to bring it all together in this recipe
🍽3-4 portions

800 grams of potatoes
600 grams of carrots
2 cloves of garlic
0,4/0,5 grams of nutmeg

How to make it?
Make the mashed potatoes according to this recipe. In the meantime cut the carrots and garlic and start baking them in a cooking pan. Make sure it gains some color. Add the carrots, nutmeg, and garlic to the mashed potatoes when it’s done, and mix it.
We like to serve this dish with onion sauce, check out this recipe for this delicious sauce.

Tip: you can add some thyme or another fresh herb to the mashed potatoes, we added a teaspoon of thyme in this recipe.

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