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Christmas Dessert Recipe: Pavlova

With Christmas, we like to make a grand dessert at home and Pavlova is a good possibility for being a part of that composition. Pavlova is a dessert to impress with, it’s actually not all that difficult to make, but it looks gorgeous! Today we will share this delicious recipe with you. Making the meringue takes most of the time, the good thing is that you can make this part a few days before you’ll need the dessert.

⏲ 10 minutes
🍽 8-10 portions

100 to 200 grams of meringue (you can buy it at the store of make it yourself according to our recipe)
250 milliliters of cream
8 grams of vanilla sugar
Red fruit, powdered sugar or other toppings for decoration

How to make it?

Mix the cream with the vanilla sugar until it’s a proper whipped cream. Place a meringue at the bottom, add some whipped cream on there and place another meringue on top. Add some dots of whipped cream on top and add the red fruit. Do these steps just before you want to serve the dessert. We also added some caramel, white chocolate balls and powdered sugar on top. These are just some decoration tips, you can use other decorations for your pavlova.

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