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Stop ordering food all the time! Tips (Motivational)

Tips on how to overcome the urge to order food

Ordering food is an expensive habit and oftentimes, it’s a rather unhealthy one as well. These meals are usually less healthy than when you’d cook your own dinner. So the question becomes: How can you motivate yourself to resist the temptations of ordering food? We will share some tips on how you can stay motivated to cook your own meals!

Fill your pantry
Make sure you have some products stored in your pantry this will make it easier to fix dinner in any situation. Choose products that you like and products that are shelf-stable, for example, canned tomatoes, corn, or pasta. If you have enough preserved products in your house you don’t have to motivate yourself to go to the supermarket for a healthy meal after work. Fruit and vegetables from the freezer are also a great option.

Think about the money you will save
Cooking is much cheaper than ordering food, most dishes will cost half the price or less when you make them yourself (and they tend to be tastier as well). Also places where you can order food have a tendency of working with a minimum spending limit before they’ll deliver the food to your house. This is another ploy to make you spend more with them just like the idea of spending at least a certain amount and then delivery costs are subtracted.

Make multiple servings at once
When you cook dinner, make food for more than one night. For example, if you’re cooking for a family of 3 you can cook for 6 people at once and only eat half of what was made. Store the extra servings in the refrigerator or the freezer. When you are in the temptation of ordering food you can heat up the extra portion that you made earlier. That way you don’t have to cook every night.

Cook together with a friend or your partner
Cooking together is so much more fun than cooking by yourself. Turn on some music and start cooking together! The time will pass much more quickly if you do an activity with someone. Maybe you can even learn some skills or recipes from your (new) cooking buddy.

These were our tips on how to overcome the urge to order food. We already wrote an article on the disadvantages on ordering food. Check this out if you need more motivation.

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