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Stop ordering food all the time!

The disadvantages of ordering food (Takeaway and Delivery)

Ordering food is an expensive habit and oftentimes, it’s a rather unhealthy one as well. These meals are usually less healthy than when you’d cook your own dinner. So the question we’ll answer here is: What are the downsides to ordering your food? We’ll share some of our thoughts on how to resist the urge to order next week in a follow-up article.

It takes time

Choosing where you want to order, picking the dish, and waiting on the food takes time, this is a disadvantage to ordering food. Usually, when we order food we are tired and hungry. Sometimes it’s faster and easier to cook a meal yourself when you make something fast and easy. You can eat the food immediately and not depend on some fast-food chain or restaurant where you ordered.


The quality of most products you order will be lower than what you’ll make yourself. This is because of the transport in between: Usually, we want our food to be warm when it gets to us, however that means isolation to keep it warm for the trip to your plate. By isolating the food on its way to your plate you’ll also give the steam no way out. The result is soggy food, sometimes this might still be alright but imagine soggy fries…


When you order food, a lot of; plastic, aluminum foil, paper, and similar materials will be used for the packaging. For transportation purposes you’ll even find the plastic sauce package in another plastic bag in the bag you carry the food in. And after you’re done eating the food? Well, you’ll simply have to throw it all away as there’s usually not a whole lot you can do with it. So if you think about the environment, ordering food might not be the best idea.


Also, the packaging of the food can have an impact on not just the structure but also the taste of the food. Companies will usually add more sugars, salt, fat, or whatever they’ll need to cover this up but that just makes it (more) unhealthy. Now before you say it, yes it’s not impossible to order good food. It is however an exception to the rule: Most options for takeaway or deliveries on food are usually not so great for your health. This is fine once in a while but not for your every day (in our opinion).

The cost

The biggest issue with ordering food in our opinion remains the costs of doing it… Some of you might have seen this one coming and some of you might not have given it any thought before. However, the cost of ordering food is in our opinion extremely high, I like to look at it like this:
According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, The average American household spends $198 monthly or $2,375 annually on food prepared away from home. If you were to save that and put it in an index fund that would make you around 8% per year that would be $292,946 30 years from now!

These were our disadvantages for ordering food. Please let us know in the comments if you have more disadvantages that we haven’t mentioned.

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