Recipe: Quick Mango Milkshake

We like drinking smoothies and milkshakes, especially during summer. It helps us cool down on hot days and we really enjoy that fruity fresh taste. And on top, it’s really easy to make! Today we will share our quick mango milkshake recipe. (Hint; you can replace the mango with other types of fruit)

⏲5 minutes
🍽2 servings

300 grams of (frozen) mango
150 milliliters of (oat) milk (you can choose normal milk but we use oat milk)
75 grams of vanilla ice cream

How to make it?
Weight the ingredients and add all of the mango and ice cream to a blender. The mango pieces can still be frozen if your blender is able to handle that. Add the oat milk and cheers! You can change the thickness of the mix by adding or reducing the amount of oat milk.


  • You can replace the mango with any kind of fruit really, you might have to find a new balance with the ice though as it could get too sweet or the taste might fall away.
  • Remember that this drink is meant to be served “ice cold” if it gets warm, it’ll change the balance of the taste and the drink might get overly sweet, as is the case with everything milkshake, or ice cream related.

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