Our Wedding Day

On the 15th of June, we said yes to each other and got married. We had such a beautiful day that we would like to share a little bit of our wedding day, with some pictures. Keep reading if you’re curious!

We booked our venue approximately 6 months prior to our wedding. We instantly fell in love with the place as everything looked perfect. From the driveway to the garden and even inside the land house there was this really good vibe around the place. We saw each other during our first look. This is a moment where in our case the groom is standing with his back to the bride and the bride comes up walking toward him. This is the first time they/we see each other in the dress and suit.

There was a photographer to capture it all. After that we made some more pictures, then guests started arriving. A photo was taken of all the guests that arrived. The ceremony was held outside and we had beautiful weather that entire day!

The wedding officiant spoke to us and our family beforehand and had written kind words about our lives. It was a very personal ceremony in which we both held a small speech for each other. After the ceremony, we had a toast and then we took some pictures with everyone. After that, we could relax, chat and drink. We dined inside the venue on the top floor, which was nicely decorated.

We decided to go with shared dining in 3 courses, the first two courses were served on the table and the last course was buffet style. We ate dessert outside and when we went back inside the party started. Most people started dancing and we had a blast of a time. After the late-night snack, the evening was coming to a close as our guests could enjoy one last dance or drink or a bit of both.

We look back on a wonderful day with our family and friends!

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