The beauty of walking in Epe: Vlonderpad

Epe is known for its beautiful surroundings, we went there for a weekend to enjoy the quiet area and nice weather. Today we will share the walking route that we took. This walking path is called ‘Het Vlonderpad’ which means wooden platform path. You can see in the picture above where the name originates.

There are 3 types of routes you can take, namely green, yellow and red. The green route takes about 1,5 hours, the red route about 45 minutes and the yellow route about 30 minutes. Just follow the signs and it won’t be hard to follow the routes. The starting point is close to Molenweg 80 in Epe, here you also find an information board. The wooden platform is very close to this starting point, just cross the street en follow the green/yellow signs.

We chose the green route and loved it since it was a varying route and we didn’t think it was too long. We walked stone pathways and through the woods. The surroundings varied during the walk and if you’re lucky you might even spot some wildlife like a deer or a boar at night. With small kids, I might recommend taking a smaller route, since the green one takes about 1,5 hours.

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