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Recipe: Mango Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a delicious breakfast, lunch, or snack and are really easy to make. We especially like them when it’s hot in the summer since we often add frozen fruit and this makes the food quite cold. In winter we usually let the fruit defrost before using it. Today we’ll share a recipe for a mango smoothie bowl. You can add all kinds of products on top, we usually add some extra fruit, nuts, seeds, or granola.

⏲5 minutes
🍽 1-2 portions


– 210 grams of frozen mango (the frozen fruit will make give the smoothie a thicker structure)
– A bit of oat milk (usually around 50 milliliters)
– Half of a banana (you can put the other half on top in slices)
– One scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional)
– Toppings: granola and grated coconut

How to make it?

If you don’t want a really cold breakfast first defrost the fruit (or use fresh fruit) note that when you do this the smoothie will be thinner. Don’t let it get to room temperature, keep them in the fridge until you will use the fruit. You’ll need to add less oat milk when you put in fruit at fridge temperature compared to frozen fruit. Put all the ingredients in the blender (first only use a bit of the oat milk, since you can always add more if the mixture isn’t the right texture) and start mixing. If the mixture is too thick add some more oat milk and shake or stir the mixture. When the fruit is crushed and the mixture is smooth you can put it in a bowl and add the toppings. We recommend adding some granola, sliced fruit, and grated coconut. If you don’t like the type of fruit, milk, or toppings in this recipe, choose whatever you like and add that, the variations are endless. Enjoy!

This is a variation with blueberries instead of mango. This gives the smoothie bowl a more sour taste than the sweet mango.


Make sure the smoothie’s temperature is cold enough: If it gets too warm It’ll taste like candy; way too sweet.

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