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How Do We Buy Our Groceries?

We used to not plan our meals and come up with what to eat on the day itself, but since we both work full time we have to plan a little more in order to have some time left to do things for ourselves. We do want to live healthy, exercise, and have some time left for friends, family, and each other. Today we will share with you how we do our groceries and what products we buy (almost) every week.

These are the groceries from one of our shopping trips at Lidl.
Making meal plans and how often do we go to the supermarket?

At the beginning of the year, we started with a week menu. We like doing this since we know we are eating healthy during the week. On the weekends we can prep some food and we only have to go to the supermarket one time a week. Sometimes we’ll go an extra time to the supermarket if we want some fresh fruits for example.

Choosing the supermarket

On the weekend we will make a list based on what we have left in the pantry and what will be on the menu that week. We also check out the online leaflets from our favorite supermarkets that are close by. We will check which supermarket has the best offers for us that week. Then we’ll decide which supermarket we are going to. Usually we get our weekly groceries at Lidl and sometimes we buy some products at Vomar during the week. This will save us some time and we don’t think it’s worth going to all the supermarkets for their offers.

Making a shopping list

We make our shopping list on an app called OurGroceries. Since we can share that list and both add products on there when they’re empty. We have lists for both of the supermarkets that we usually visit as some products are just better or cheaper at one supermarket compared to the other. When you use a paper list you can forget to take the list to the supermarket or the paper could get lost. Your phone on the other hand is usually going to be with you. The app on your phone has some other perks over the paper list as well. You can use it at any time you’ll think of something to add to the list and you are able to easily rearrange the products on the list. Like this you can rearrange products on the list according to your walking route through the supermarket, further enhancing efficiency. You can also use notes to make a list when you don’t need to share that list with the rest of your household. We only buy what’s on the list so we don’t get tempted to buy products we don’t really need.

Fun fact: we do our weekly groceries on the bike, which usually ends up in a situation like this picture here. There was also a backpack on my back with more groceries.
What do we buy (almost) every week?

– bread
– (Greek) yogurt
– cheese
– fruit (mostly bananas and apples)
– vegetables (mostly carrot, eggplant, paprika, leek, and onions, however, we do variate this depending on the menu for that week)
– oats
– some healthy snacks like cucumber, rice waffles, hummus, whole wheat crackers, or baba ganoush.
– eggs
– oat milk

This was our shopping strategy, we are also curious how you do your groceries. Please leave a comment if you want to share your tips and experience. We already posted some articles on how to save money on groceries. So if you are curious check them out here: part 1 and part 2!

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