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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries (part 2)

Every month most households spend hundreds of euros on groceries. While most families could actually save a lot of money on them. Here we will give you tips you can use to save money on your groceries. We tried these tips and most of them work for us, we would recommend you to also try some of them and see what the result is. We save about 30 percent on our groceries compared to only a few months ago.

1. Comparing prices on the same weight or number of pieces. You can’t compare the price of a package of 300 grams with a package of 500 grams. Usually, you find the price per kilo beneath the price of the product. You could also use the calculator on your phone to calculate which product is cheaper.

2. Eat with the seasons. When it’s summer certain types of fruits will be much cheaper than in winter. Check what’s growing a lot in this season and you will know what to buy. We buy kiwis for example during spring and summer, since they become more expensive and less tasty during the fall and winter.

3. Check the offers of the supermarket and create your weekly meal plan around those products. In that way, you can also check your pantry beforehand, so that you don’t buy products that you don’t need.

4. Check your receipt afterward, sometimes the offers are not registered right and you can go back to the service desk to get the difference back. Every cashier and system makes mistakes, sometimes small but eventually multiple small mistakes sum up.

5. Take a smaller basket that you have to carry instead of a shopping cart. That way you’ll have to carry everything you will buy and this will make you think more about what you really need as it’s going to get heavy after a while and you’re basket ends up full before long.

Do you want more tips? We already posted an article about saving money on groceries and about Too Good to Go which can also help you save money.

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