Serving Tray with Vegetarian Snacks

Sometimes we make a ‘borrelplank’ (Dutch word) when we have friends over or when we want to drink a glass of wine and eat some snacks together. A ‘borrelplank’ is a tray with snacks or appetizers on there, kind of like a charcuterie. The difference is that charcuterie is a plate with meat on there and we make it vegetarian. Today we want to show you some ideas for a vegetarian snack serving tray as we usually don’t eat a lot of meat, and there are a lot of options other than a cheese platter or a charcuterie.

The first tray we’ll serve you today is a tray with bruschetta toast, brie, nuts with cranberries, and spring rolls with sweet chili sauce. For bruschetta, we cut some tomatoes and mixed them with garlic and basil. This plate is really easy to make, we created this in about 10-15 minutes. Since the spring rolls had to be baked that’s 5 minutes of you’re work and the rest is oven or frying pan time. Making this ideal for when you don’t have the time to make everything yourself.

The second tray we present to you is a tray with vegan bitterballen (a Dutch snack) served with mustard, cheese, carrot, cucumber, and radish, hummus, aioli, and toast. We tend to serve some vegetables or nuts with the tray, since we also want to eat something healthy when we are snacking.

Let us know whether you like these kinds of posts and if you want more ideas for (vegetarian) serving trays? Leave a comment down below!

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