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Restaurant Recommendations From our Trip to Portugal

On our road trip through Portugal, we searched for restaurants that had positive reviews and we visited a few of them to try some items from their menus. In this article, we’ll mention the ones that stood out to us because we enjoyed the food and the vibe in these restaurants. In the next part, we’ll share our restaurant recommendations

Benedictis – Gastronomia Italiana

In Cascais, we went to a really nice Italian restaurant, namely Benedictis – Gastronomia Italiana. We loved the melanzane there, a dish that’s like lasagna but with layers of eggplant instead of lasagna sheets, which tasted delicious and the pizza was also nice. They had a lot of red wine options that we liked and the staff was friendly. We sat on the terrace, which was small and next to the street. We like watching people walk by enjoying life, if you prefer to eat in a quiet area then we’d recommend eating inside. The menu was quite extensive, there were many pizza and pasta options.

Callejero – Comida mexicana das ruas

In Porto we ate at a Mexican restaurant Callejero – Comida mexicana das ruas. We loved the scene inside, the walls were colored with all kinds of happy colors and there were many pictures on one of the walls. The menu also had some funny texts and the staff was really friendly. The menu was extensive, with many dishes to choose from. There are a lot of Mexican and a couple of local beers on the menu as well. We liked that it’s easy to share the food so that you can taste more different dishes. We loved the quesadillas and burritos that we ate. This place is a recommendation!

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