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Recipe: Delicious and Nutrient-Packed Healthy Smoothie Bowl

Looking for a quick and healthy breakfast option? Look no further! Our super healthy smoothie bowl is not only a treat for your taste buds but also packed with nutritious ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and chia seeds, which are known for their protein, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin content.

Smoothie Bowl

ā²Prep time: 5 minutes
šŸ½Servings: 4 portions


350 grams of frozen fruits (we recommend using a mix of blueberries and strawberries)
Half an avocado
14 grams of chia seeds
25 grams of oatmeal
30 grams of honey
40 grams of spinach
2 bananas
300 milliliters of almond milk
Toppings of your choice (we used nuts, grated coconut, strawberries, and figs)

How to make it?
  1. Begin by adding all the ingredients to your blender.
  2. Blend until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.
  3. Pour the mixture into individual bowls.
  4. Now, it’s time to get creative! Add your favorite toppings on top of the smoothie mixture.
  5. If you have leftover smoothie, you can store it in an airtight container in the fridge for one or two days or in the freezer for longer-term storage. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when you need a quick and healthy breakfast option.

Enjoy your delicious and nutrient-packed smoothie bowl to kickstart your day with energy and flavor!

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