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Restaurant review: Neder, Alkmaar

Usually, we make an overview of multiple restaurants in a city, but this restaurant deserves its own review. We went to Neder in Alkmaar, and spoiler alert: we loved it! We will tell you more about this restaurant in this article, with lots of pictures.

You can choose how many courses you want to eat in this restaurant with a minimum of 5. There are set menus and prices for this. Every season has its own menu. You can choose to get matching drinks with the courses, which can be alcoholic and alcohol-free.

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday (and this summer, temporarily on Sundays as well). You can let them know your diet wishes beforehand, like allergies, vegetarian, etcetera, and they will adjust the dishes. Only vegan is not an option.

We ate 6 courses with an alcoholic pairing that complemented the dishes. We loved all the flavors and special combinations. Every ingredient they use is local, as the restaurant works with the environment. This already sets Neder apart from most other restaurants. The interior of this restaurant works, it’s really pretty.

This kind of food experience is higher than the normal restaurant’s price tag, but we recommend saving up some money and trying it out. It’s truly an incredible experience.

Neder is a very new restaurant. And it could very well serve as your entry to a higher level cuisine than you thought you’d ever experience. And for an experience like this, it comes at very affordable prices.

Do let us know if you decide to go here and what you’re experience was like!

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