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How to keep up with good habits/a routine?

Having a routine may sound boring, but it usually stimulates people to keep up with good habits like exercising or eating healthy. We think bringing some rituals in your days/week is good. Today we will share some of our thoughts on routines and share our tips to keep up with good habits.

Our breakfast preparations

Routines can be tedious and, depending on the routine and the situation, even outright annoying. However, routines can also be something that brings peace of mind and efficiency into your life. A good routine or habit can also help solve certain difficulties that put pressure on your quality of life. A simple example could be eating breakfast; for some, this can be a challenge because of time and motivation in the early morning before work. To solve this, you could start prepping your breakfast the evening before, this is a simple trick we use to save time and effort in the morning, and like this, you can’t really forget it either.

How to start?
The first step in keeping up with a healthy, good routine is being aware of what kind of behavior/ritual you want your routine to be. Think about how many times a week you want to go outside for a walk or at what time you want to get up in the morning. Setting the goal of doing something different is a good start to bringing change to your habits and routine.

How to keep up a healthy/good routine?
Holding on to a new routine can be hard. Our tip: don’t be too hard on yourself. For example, if you want to get up at seven o’clock every day, but you woke up at 7:15, that’s still an improvement from 8 o’clock. Be happy with your progress and keep working towards your goal. There’s no shame in making small improvements in your life even if they’re not as big as you’d hoped.

Most important point in getting yourself a good habit/routine

Don’t set the goal too high. From not going outside for a walk at all to 5 times a week is hard to maintain. Start small, once or twice a week. When you notice it’s become easy to keep that up you can always go for more later.

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