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Recipe: Chocolate Pancakes

We love pancakes and try to come up with different recipes to try new combinations. Today we will share a chocolate pancake recipe. These pancakes can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or as dessert. For dessert, you could eat them with whipped cream, or ice cream and chocolate sauce, for example.

⏲Making the mix 5 minutes
⏳Waiting 15-30 minutes
⏲Baking for 15 minutes
🍽6-8 pancakes

– 200 grams of patent flour
– 330 grams of chocolate milk
– 5 gram of cacao powder
– 2 eggs

How to make it?|
Add all the dry ingredients (you can use a strainer to eliminate lumps in the flour), then add the eggs, milk, and chocolate milk. Mix it together. When the mixture is smooth, let it sit for 15-30 minutes. You can mix it using a whisk, but using a food processor (mixer) is also a fair option. Put one or two cooking pans on the stove and add some butter to bake in, then add some mix and bake the pancakes. Flip the pancakes when they turn brown on the bottom while the top is drying up. Bake until the other side also colored a little. Enjoy your chocolate pancake!

Tip: add some chocolate sauce (check out our recipe), whipped cream, and fruit for the ideal dessert!

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