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Is Australia actually that expensive?

When we told people around us that we were going to Australia, some of them warned us Australia is a very expensive country! So we must have saved a lot of money to go on that trip, right? Today we will share whether we think Australia was expensive. Your perspective might differ depending on where you currently live. We live in the Netherlands, so that will be our reference for cost comparisons.

General prices

Some general prices (from dec ’22) to give you an idea of how expensive Australia is:
– A cup of cappuccino costs around 3-4 AUD (Australian Dollars)
– A mango will cost between 1 and 2,50 AUD
– A bread will cost between 2 and 7 AUD
– The average price was between 1,60 and 2,00 AUD dollars per liter for Unleaded.

1 AUD was on average valued at: 0.65 EUR or 0.67 USD when we were in Australia.

Compared to the Netherlands

Compared to prices in the Netherlands we did not think Australia was expensive. Most of the prices were about the same or even slightly lower than what we would pay in the Netherlands. As we mentioned previously in the article about what we spend in Australia, groceries cost about the same as back home. Restaurants were also around the same price. Gas for the campervan was much cheaper than what we were used to paying back home. However, distances in Australia are wildly different as well. We drove about 7000 kilometers in 6,5 weeks in Australia. In the Netherlands, you would never drive more than a few hundred kilometers because the country is that much smaller.

Depending on preference

Depending on what your preferences are Australia doesn’t have to be all that expensive. You could drive fewer kilometers or cook your own meal. Instead of going out for dinner, this could save you some money. We loved cooking in our campervan or at the campgrounds. To be honest, the only things we noticed were more expensive than we were used to was alcohol and cigars. All in all the prices seemed pretty balanced to us as far as we could see. But as we don’t actually live there we do have a limited view on that of course.

After hearing all of this, do you think Australia is an expensive country? We understand this will depend on where you live and what you’re used to.

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