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6 Effective Ways to Save Money

For some people, it’s hard to save money. Some book money back from their saving account onto their checking account multiple times a month. We think saving money can be easy when you start with small amounts and use some of our tips. In this article, we will share 6 effective ways for you to save money.

I often use this thermos cup for tea or coffee
Bring your own coffee or tea from home

When you bring your own coffee/tea in a thermos cup from home you don’t have to purchase your coffee on the road or in a cafe every day. This will save you a few euros for each cup of coffee you can save like this! If you calculate what you will save by doing this every day this might motivate you to change this habit, for us we’re saving between 1.50 to 3.50 euros per cup of coffee. Plus it’s better for the environment as you won’t be using as many disposable cups.

Create your own impulse buy stopper

Are you a person that buys new products that you’ll only use one time? Or maybe stuff that you never use? Try to stop those impulsive purchases by making your own rule. If you want to buy something new you have to wait at least a number of days before can buy it. Like that, you can find out if you’re really buying something you need as you’ll have some time to think about it. This will prevent you from impulse buying. This of course does not apply to groceries or other essential products. If you’re facing the problem of impulse buying, this method can save you a lot of money!

Take the bike for trips shorter than 15 minutes

Taking the bike is good for your health and it’s much cheaper than driving the car for short trips. If you would take the bike to all the places you are able to reach within a 15-minute bike ride this could be good for your wallet and your physical fitness.

Put yourself on a budget

Set a number on how much you’re allowed to spend on groceries or on fun activities out over a period of time. We set a grocery budget per week and saved about 10 euros per week by doing this. Setting a budget makes you more aware of where you spend your money and what is actually ‘worth’ buying. You can also set a budget for clothes, beauty, and cosmetics or trips.

Grow your own herbs/vegetables

If you grow your own vegetables and herbs you don’t have to buy them in the supermarket. This could save you a lot of money. Choose the products that you like and often want to eat, like that you’ll no longer need to buy as many groceries.

Take a critical look at your subscriptions

Do you have a Netflix account that you never use? Or a gym membership even though you rarely go? Canceling those subscriptions could save you a lot of money. Even if it’s only a few euros a week this sums up to a big number over time. Take a gym membership for example, sure 20 euros per month sounds fine but that’s 240 euros per year!

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