How to use Leftovers?

Eating leftovers is a way to sustain both nature and your wallet. There is so much good food being thrown away that’s actually still completely edible it’s insane. In this article, we will share some examples of how we deal with leftovers and limit the amounts of food we throw away to near zero.

Dealing with leftover ingredients
Usually, a good idea is to use small containers, you can use them again and again, they can withstand the dishwasher and they’re cheap. A great solution if you want to either eat the dish later, take it somewhere, or if you want to work it into a different meal as we’ll discuss next because sometimes you just don’t have the time to fix it immediately, or maybe you’re missing another ingredient.

Making a new dish
So as we just said, sometimes you might want to create an entirely different dish to eat, maybe because you’ve had enough of it or maybe there’s just a small amount left and you don’t want too many containers in your fridge and/or freezer. However there’s a good solution for all of these leftovers, and that solution is called curry! Or really any other possible dish you can think of but let us be fair here, curry is one of the most suitable leftover dishes out there. If you have any vegetables or some pieces of them left, put them in the curry. If you have small amounts of meat, fruits, dishes like pasta or a rice pan, or even some fries left, put them in the curry. It sounds insane but it works! Of course, there are a lot of other options as well, here follow some examples that can suit almost any situation: Stew, Casserole, Curry, Soup, Sauce for, for example, Pasta dishes.

Have a leftover night!
We usually save up small amounts of leftovers from dinner/lunch for a few days and combine them into one big feast on leftover-night! If there is a full portion left that’s great and you can just it that or share 2 meals as you might both have something different. However, when you have a lot of smaller leftovers you can dine on multiple small dishes, kind of like an buffet at home but then cheap and without the food waste.

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