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Recipe: 3 Easy Sauces Part 2

A sauce can bring a meal to another level if you pick the right sauce. Making your own sauce doesn’t have to be hard. We will share some of our easy sauces recipes that you can make at home.

Satay sauce

70 grams of concentrated satay sauce
4 grams of mustard
85 grams of water
2 grams of sriracha

Of course, you can make the satay from scratch and a recipe for that will follow in the future as well, however, let us be honest here. You do not always have the time or the will to make it from scratch, well here’s how you can make a quick and simple version that still tastes good.
Put all the ingredients in a pan and put that pan on the stove at a low temperature. Keep steering while the mixture starts cooking. The sauce is done if the ingredients are blended well together and the sauce has been bound to the consistency you want. This sauce is nice with fried rice or with cucumber for example.

You can replace the water with (oat-)milk for example to make the whole sauce more creamy. And try and have fun with it, for example, add a bit of sweet soy sauce and see how that tastes!

Mild salad dressing

0,1 grams of garlic powder
21 grams of olive oil
21 grams of apple vinegar
A pinch of (white) pepper and salt

Mix all the ingredients and you’ll have a mild, delicious dressing for your salad. Do you want a bit more depth and power to the dressing? Add a little sumac to the mix or see what some pomegranate juice can do for it.

Curry mayonnaise

3 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 teaspoon of curry powder
A pinch of paprika powder
A pinch of turmeric
5 drops of Maggi Seasoning (somewhat like soy sauce with lovage)

Mix all the ingredients and you’ll have a nice yellow mayonnaise with incredibly aromatic flavours for you to enjoy. This sauce can be eaten with many things; potatoes like you’d do with a classic mayonnaise, on a burger, in a wrap as a nice spread, it’s the versatility of this sauce that is its best part.

Do you need more easy sauce inspiration? We already made part 1 of easy sauces before.

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