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5 Easy Tips to Get Active / Motivated

I used to be unmotivated and unwilling to do sports/exercises. If I, for example, went on a run I’d always come back feeling proud of myself, and most of the time I’d be more energetic afterward as well. However, this didn’t give me enough motivation to get excited about exercising. I wasn’t motivated to do sports. Nowadays this is much easier for me and I’d like to share some things that are working to keep me more motivated. Hope it will help you to get more active and feel better!

Make time for exercising, make it a priority!

When I plan the time for exercising on my agenda this helps me prepare mentally so that I will go the next morning. If it’s on my agenda I am much more motivated to actually go compared to when I don’t plan any time for it.

Help yourself with visual reminders

I also prepare by laying down my sports outfit the evening before. That way the first thing I will see when entering the bathroom in the morning is my gym clothes. If you exercise at home you can also put your stuff for the workout in your sight.

Start with small steps

If you don’t exercise at all right now, start with walking for 15 minutes a few times a week. If this is going well, take longer walks or add a small workout. If you start small it’s more likely that you’ll achieve your goals and that the process stays fun. It’s not necessary to go to the gym for a few hours every week. We do most of our workouts at home in approximately 20 minutes per workout and we try to stay active during the day by taking small walks.

Choose your favorite activity

Don’t do an activity because you have to, but choose one that you like. Maybe you don’t like running, but you do like cycling, walking, or maybe playing (basket-)ball. Try out different activities and repeat those which you liked.

Track your progress

You could track your workouts in a little book and check the days that you’ve exercised. That way you can look back at the number of times you did manage to do it, this usually gives me motivation. My fitness tracker also helps to keep me motivated. If I see a low number of steps then I am much more likely and motivated to go for a walk.

Choose what, how, and how often you exercise, and do what makes you feel good. We hope these tips will help you to get more active!

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