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Recipe: Creme Patisserie / Pastry Cream

Some recipes can come in handy in many preparations. Pastry cream is one of those things that you can use often in baking recipes and more. It gets used a lot in desserts, or for example in tompouce, cream croissants, eclairs, or other pastries. Today we will share our basic recipe for pastry cream.

🍽 600~650 grams
⏲10 minutes

340 milliliters of milk
60 grams of sugar
50 grams of egg yolk (about 2 eggs)
40 grams of custard powder
160 grams of cream

How to make it?
Start cooking the milk in a cooking pan with half of the sugar. Pay attention to it as milk when it starts cooking can easily overflow. Wait until the milk starts boiling, meanwhile, mix the other half of the sugar with the custard powder, then add the cream and finally mix it together with the egg yolk. When the milk has come to a boil, slowly add it to the other mix while stirring (the stirring of the mix and adding the hot milk to the other mix have to happen in this order; otherwise chances are the egg yolks are going to start clotting).

When you’ve made one smooth mix, pour it back into the pan and over the fire, make sure to stir it well. At approximately 85 degrees Celsius or 185 Fahrenheit, the mix will start to coagulate, keep stirring it well at that point and try not to make it too hot while keeping the heat on it for a little while. Soon you’ll see the mix has coagulated and doesn’t really change anymore.
Pour the pastry cream into a mold to cool down and place foil over/against it to prevent skin from forming. You can pour it into certain shapes to give it a form to set in or poor it like we did for later use.

This recipe can be used when you’re making tompouce for example.

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