The Best 7 Tips for Working from Home

Nowadays a lot of people have to work from home, some for a couple of days a week, others for entire workweeks. We also work from home often and that definitely took some getting used to at the start. Today we’ll share our best tips from our own experience with working from home.

Create a comfortable working space
You’ll need a comfortable chair since you’ll be sitting for the bigger part of the day. Your feet need to be able to touch the ground, your back and neck need support and armrests are also important. The height of your desk and screen is also crucial in order to avoid pain in your body. If you’re not sure how to adjust this to the right height, check Google or ask your employer or colleagues for advice. And if you don’t want to spend your own money on creating a good work environment at home, many employers are more than willing to lend you most of what you’ll need for that comfortable working space.

Make sure that your desk and work environment are tidy
When you start the day it’s nice that your desk and environment around you are tidy. This will give you peace of mind, and you can really focus on your work. So try to keep the space around you tidy while you’re working.

Take enough breaks
Standing up every hour is very important to prevent your body from growing rigid or worse, and it’ll help your concentration. Get a cup of coffee or tea, go to the bathroom and walk around for a minute or so. This will give you new energy and more focus on your work.

Go outside and move
Going outside is so important! We usually go outside after lunch and walk for at least 15 minutes. This is so refreshing when you’ve been at home all day. Most mornings we also exercise or walk before we start working. You’ll also go outside when you’re actually going to work and we believe this is a good start to your day.

Stick to the normal working hours
Sticking to your normal work schedule can be difficult since the boundary between your private life and your work life can fade away easily when working from home. Ah, and there is always this one last thing that you’ll want to finish… Sticking to the normal working hours is important though, you also need time to rest and separate yourself from your work. When you don’t get enough rest your concentration and energy levels will fall, and it will show eventually.

Keep enough contact with your coworkers
At work, you’d be communicating with your coworkers a lot, which makes the workday more fun for most people and it helps productivity when you help each other out. We plan an online coffee moment with colleagues to recreate that office vibe and help each other out. We also have some standard consultation moments on our agenda, so that we can discuss work and ask for advice. Don’t be afraid to call or send a message to your coworkers to ask questions. This helps productivity and it helps to improve/maintain those relationships.

Leave you’re working space after work or clean your work stuff when you’re done for the day
As we mentioned before, distancing yourself from your work will help you regain some energy. It’s easier to distance yourself from work when you leave your working space behind. And make sure to leave your desk clean so you can start the next day fresh and easy.

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