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5 Tips for Cooking with Less Waste

It can be difficult to buy enough ingredients to cook your meals and still be able to eat them all before they expire. One of our goals is to limit food waste. This is good for our wallet and the environment while it makes us feel good. Today we want to share our tips for cooking with less waste. With the goal to limit the amount of waste in our kitchen and potentially your kitchen.

Have a leftover night every week

We love eating leftovers since we can eat different dishes in one evening and often we combine leftovers from different dinners. This results in new and sometimes surprising taste combinations for us to enjoy. We usually make more than we need on purpose so we can eat that dish again on another night saving us both time and money.

Don’t buy too much at once

We try to shop only once a week however this will only work if you can keep your products good and eat them before they expire. Sometimes unexpected events occur; you’re invited over to eat with family, for example. Try and keep this in mind when doing grocery shopping so you won’t get into trouble with expiry dates when you need one or two days longer to eat what you’ve bought.

Use the freezer

If we make too much food, we usually freeze the leftovers if we are not planning on eating them within the next few days. That way we always have a meal if we are not in the mood to cook and we don’t have to throw anything away.

Eat leftovers the next day as (cold) breakfast/lunch

Eat leftovers from the night before as breakfast or lunch. Some dishes can even be quite tasty when served cold, for example, pizza, pancakes, or wraps. Sometimes I put the leftovers from last night into a wrap and take them to work as lunch.

Buy vegetables that you can use in many dishes

Some vegetables can be used in many dishes, for example, carrots, leeks, onions, and tomatoes. You can even make soup or curry out of vegetables that are about to expire.

These were our tips for cooking with less waste. If you are looking for more ways to limit your footprint, read our articles on Too Good To Go and 7 Ways to Safe the Environment for more inspiration.

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