Against food waste: Too Good To Go

Too good to go is a company that tries to prevent food from going to waste. It uses a mobile application to facilitate their services. As a user of this application you can save food from being thrown away. A store or restaurant will place a box filled with products on the app for approximately 33% of the original price.

For you as a user of the application the food is much cheaper than what you’d normally pay for it. Furthermore you will help the environment by saving this food from going to waste. It is a surprise what kind of food you’ll get for the price you paid. We love the surprise effect of what we’ll find in the box. We love creating new recipes with the food inside the box. Often you get products that you normally wouldn’t buy. This can be a disadvantage however it also broadens your horizon. As a vegetarian you can also filter on vegetarian boxes, so you won’t have to be afraid that you’ll get a box with only meat in there.

The application is easy to use. You can search which companies offer the boxes close by. If there is a box available you can buy it and pay direct through the app. When the time slot of the box is there you can go to the company to pick up the box. The company will ask you to swipe a button that appears on the app to confirm the pickup. It’s recommended to bring your own bag.

Buying these boxes has many advantages for you as a user, for the company that sells the almost expiring products and for the environment. We would recommend trying it to see whether it works for you. This company is active in 15 countries around the world. If Too Good To Go is not active in the county where you live there might be another company that offers similar services.

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