Our Favorite Way to Drink Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love to drink a hot cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Well, we have created our own variation of traditional hot chocolate. It’s a less sweet version (still sweet, but not that sweet) with coffee and cinnamon. If you are curious about this recipe please read the part down below!

2/3 chocolate milk (we used the chocolate milk of Chocomel)
1/3 coffee
A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon per cup of hot chocolate
Optional: whipped cream and cacao powder as topping

How to make it?
We often fill the cup that we want to use with the chocolate milk for about 2/3 and then add it to a pan. Heat up the chocolate milk until it’s starting to boil and add the cinnamon. Keep on steering in the meantime and make a cup of coffee. Add the chocolate milk to the cup and add 1/3 of the coffee. Add the whipped cream and cocoa powder according to taste and enjoy!

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