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Our Favorite Way to Drink Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love to drink a hot cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Well, we have created our own variation of traditional hot chocolate. It’s a less sweet version (still sweet, but not that sweet) with coffee and cinnamon. If you are curious about our favorite way to drink hot chocolate then check out this recipe!

2/3 chocolate milk
1/3 coffee
A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon per cup of hot chocolate
Optional: whipped cream and cacao powder as topping

How to make it?
We often fill the cup that we want to use with the chocolate milk for about 2/3 and then add it to a pan. Heat up the chocolate milk until it’s starting to boil and add the cinnamon. Keep on steering in the meantime and make a cup of coffee. Add the chocolate milk to the cup and add 1/3 of the coffee. Add the whipped cream and cocoa powder according to taste and enjoy!

This is our favorite way to drink hot chocolate. It’s not too sweet and with the cinnamon, it’s a drink made for cold weather. The bundt cake you’ll see in the picture is the apple bundt cake we made for Christmas this year.

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