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Homemade Fig and Apple Compote Recipe

Discover the versatility of fig compote, a delightful addition to various dishes. Our sweet fig and apple compote recipe is a must-try, perfect for cheese platters or grilled cheese sandwiches. Make a jarful with this easy recipe!

🍽 1 jar of fig compote
⏲25 minutes


120-130 grams of figs (3 fresh figs)
90 grams of apple (about half, depending on the size)
100 grams of sugar
35 grams of hazelnut liqueur
35 grams of milk
20 grams of water
2,5 grams of biscuit seasoning

How to make it?
  1. First, peal and cut the apple and cut the figs into pieces and weigh the other ingredients.
  2. Put a small pan on the stove, add the sugar, and place it on low heat. Allow the sugars to caramelize without burning.
    Avoid stirring while caramelizing the sugar; if it darkens too quickly, simply remove the pan from the heat for a moment. If you prefer a safer approach, add 10 grams of water to the sugar. The darker the caramel, the less sweet it will be, but be cautious not to make it bitter.
  3. Once the sugars have caramelized to your liking, add the milk and stir. This may cause a reaction, so be careful and keep stirring until the mixture evens out. Use an oven glove if needed.
  4. Repeat the process with water, this time the reaction should be less extreme due to the lower temperature.
  5. Add the apple chunks and biscuit spices to the mixture. Cook for about 5 minutes before adding the figs. Try not to stir the pan too much to avoid smashing the figs. Continue cooking for approximately another 5 minutes, adjusting the time depending on the ripeness of your figs.
  6. Quench the mixture with the liqueur so that a hint of its flavor remains in the compote.
  7. Let it cool down, and your delicious fig and apple compote is ready to enjoy in your favorite dishes!

This versatile compote pairs wonderfully with cheese platters, grilled cheese sandwiches, and more. Enjoy experimenting with it in your culinary creations!

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