The Botanical Gardens in Brisbane

Brisbane has two botanical gardens that you can visit for free. When we were in Australia we visited both of them. In this article, we’ll tell you more about these gardens and we’ll give you our recommendations on if it’s worthwhile visiting them.

Is Alkmaar Worth Visiting?

We often get asked the question; is Alkmaar worth visiting? Most tourists only think about visiting Amsterdam when they're going to the Netherlands, but there are so many more interesting places to visit here and in our opinion Alkmaar is one of those interesting places. So to answer the main question of this article: YES Alkmaar is worth visiting! We will elaborate on our answer a little bit in this article.

Travel guide: Alkmaar, the Netherlands

As some of you might know, we live in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Since we've been living here for a few years we can give you a few tips for when you visit. Most tourists only go to Amsterdam when they visit the Netherlands however, this country has so much more to offer. We'd love to write some more travel guide articles about the Netherlands since we believe there are more places worth visiting. So let's start with our hometown: Alkmaar.

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