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Exploring National Park De Hoge Veluwe

For nature lovers keen on walking or biking amidst picturesque landscapes and wildlife, National Park De Hoge Veluwe is a must-visit. This nature reserve promises a perfect day out.

De Hoge Veluwe

Accessing the park is convenient, with three main entrances – Otterlo, Hoenderloo, and Schaarsbergen. Entrance fees are 12.30 euros for adults and 6.15 euros for kids. Don’t worry about bikes; complimentary white bikes, each equipped with a child seat, are available at every entrance. If you need a different kind of bike (for example, an electric bike or tandem) you can reserve this at their website.

Sights and activities

Engage in activities like walking, biking, and wildlife spotting. Bring binoculars for an enhanced animal-spotting adventure. Encounter deer, birds, and wild boars as you explore the well-marked trails. At the crossings in the park, there are directional signs to help you navigate. Visit attractions like the Kröller Muller Museum, Museonder, and Jachthuis Sint Hubertus. There is an entrance fee for entering the Kröller Muller Museum. These tickets cost 12,50 per adult and 6,25 for kids. At the Jachthuis Sint Hubertus, you can reserve a tour for 5 euros per adult and 2,50 for kids.


Refuel at the ‘Park Restaurant,’ where friendly staff serves up delicious meals in a spacious setting. Other food options, including the Tea House, are scattered throughout the park.

Go on the perfect day trip to National Park De Hoge Veluwe – a haven for nature enthusiasts.


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