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How to Make Paneer?

Paneer is a mild cheese that is often used in Indian dishes. Of course, you can buy paneer from the supermarket or at other shops, however, making your own paneer is really easy. We make the paneer beforehand so that we don’t have an extra task when we are making dinner.

⏲10 minutes
⏳ 20-30 minutes
🍽 approximately 215 grams of paneer

1 liter of whole milk (about 4 % fat)
50 milliliters of Greek yogurt
50 milliliters of lemon juice

How to make it?
Weight the ingredients and prepare a colander with a clean dish towel for your mixture. Put the yogurt and milk in a pan on the stove. Keep on stirring the mixture, otherwise, it will overcook or burn in the pan. When the mixture is cooking you can add the lemon juice. Keep on stirring for a few more minutes until the mixture starts to shift, there should be lumps in the mixture. When the mix becomes kind of yellow with lumps then it’s done!

Add the mixture to the colander with the dishtowel, and fold it up. Shortly put some pressure on there, do this before the mixture is fully cooled down, but don’t burn your hands on the hot mixture. Wait for about 20-30 minutes and the cheese is done! You can now slice it into small cubes and add it to your dish or store it in the fridge. Paneer is really nice in curries and many other dishes. Within a few weeks, we’ll share a recipe for inspiration!

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