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Recipe: Italian Meringue

Italian Meringue is often used in desserts or on pie. Today we will share a basic recipe for Italian Meringue that you can make for many different dishes.

⏲15 minutes

3 egg whites (approximately 90 grams)
50 grams of water
200 grams of sugar

How to make it?
Weight the ingredients and add the water and then sugar to a pan on low heat. Wait until the mixture has reached 118 to 121 degrees Celsius. The sugar syrup has to stay clear. Start whipping up the egg whites in the meantime. When the syrup is done and your egg whites have gained volume you can add it slowly to the egg whites while you keep whisking the mixture. The mixture should be airy and have stiff peaks. You should keep the mixer going until the Italian meringue has cooled down. You can now add the mixture to the dessert or pastry that you want to add it to and give it a little color with a burner for example. For example on top of a (key) Lime Pie.


  • You’ll want the mixer to be operating at full speed throughout the entire process.
  • Be careful not to add the syrup too fast as it’ll result in clotting of the egg whites; you don’t want little bits of scrambled egg in your meringue.
  • Make sure that you’re mixing basin/bowl is clean! If it’s not clean, your meringue will fall.
  • Use fresh eggs for health and safety reasons; you’re not going to cook through the egg whites completely with this technique.

Let us know if you find yourselves struggling with anything else on this recipe and we’ll gladly answer your questions!

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