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Recipe: Fried Eggs with Vegetables

Fried eggs with vegetables are so easy to make! It’s healthy and done in 5-10 minutes. We would usually eat this for breakfast or lunch. In this recipe, we used feta, onion, cucumber, and spinach. But we would recommend checking what you have left in your fridge and gaining inspiration from this recipe. Use the leftover vegetables since you only need small amounts of these vegetables.

⏲5-10 minuten
🍽1 portion

2 eieren
A hand full of spinach
25 grams of feta
1/4 of a cucumber
1 small red onion

Hoe maak je het?
Cut the vegetables and cheese. Put two baking pans on the stove. One you can bake the egg in and the other is for baking the vegetables. Both need to bake for a few minutes. Bake the egg how you like it, easy, medium, or hard. In this case, we bake the egg while the egg yolks and whites have been mixed but if you’d like to keep the yolk whole that’s also possible of course. The baked egg can be used as a ‘tortilla’ and the vegetables and feta cheese as a filling. Enjoy!

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