Recipe: Stewed Pears

Stewed pears are a great side dish at a fancy dinner party and we often make them during Christmas. They can also be used in a dessert. The pears get really tasty from the flavors of the spices and wine that we add. Are you curious about our stewed pear recipe?

3 of Our Favorite Wines (Red & White)

We like trying new wines every now and then. We mostly drink red wine, but sometimes a good white wine or some rosé is something we can also enjoy. For this article, we choose three of our favorite wines. We will share what we like about these wines, some background, and which dishes we recommend to eat while drinking these wines.

Why Should you add Wine to the Pan?

In some of our recipes, we recommend adding wine to the pan after baking your ingredients in it. We didn't explain why every time, as that would make the recipes unnecessarily long. However, we don't want you to blindly follow what we do, we want you to understand why we add wine to the pan after baking these ingredients. Wine adds more flavour to some dishes, but you can also use other drinks in your cooking. You will only get better at cooking by understanding what you're doing and why.

Serving Tray with Vegetarian Snacks

Sometimes we make a 'borrelplank’ (Dutch word) when we have friends over or when we want to drink a glass of wine and eat some snacks together. A 'borrelplank’ is a tray with snacks or appetizers on there, kind of like a charcuterie. The difference is that charcuterie is a plate with meat on there and we make it vegetarian. Today we want to show you some ideas for a vegetarian snack serving tray as we usually don't eat a lot of meat, and there are a lot of options other than a cheese platter or a charcuterie.

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