Recipe: Casserole with Potato and Vegetables

Potatoes out of the oven are easy to make and really tasty. When you make this dish your family will start to feel hungry from the nice aromas leaving that oven way before the dish is served. The version of the casserole we'll share today is an easy recipe that anyone can make, and appreciate.

Breakfast Pie, gluten and sugar free

Who wouldn't love to eat pie for breakfast? Usually this would not be a healthy choice, however the recipe we created is a healthy pie which you could eat as breakfast. This recipe contains lots of good fats and fibers. It's gluten free and refined sugar free (it only contains natural sugars from fruit and honey).

Recipe: vegan panforte; gluten free and sugar free

This delicious recipe is gluten free, sugar free and full of healthy ingredients. Only a small piece of this can fulfill your feeling of hunger. Panforte, which literally means 'firm or strong bread' referring to the spiciness that it originally contained, was created in Sienna, Italy.

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