How Do We Buy Our Groceries?

We used to not plan our meals and come up with what to eat on the day itself, but since we both work full time we have to plan a little more in order to have some time left to do things for ourselves. We do want to live healthy, exercise, and have some time left for friends, family, and each other. Today we will share with you how we do our groceries and what products we buy (almost) every week.

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries (part 2)

Every month most households spend hundreds of euros on groceries. While most families could actually save a lot of money on them. Here we will give you tips you can use to save money on your groceries. We tried these tips and most of them work for us, we would recommend you to also try some of them and see what the result is. We save about 30 percent on our groceries compared to only a few months ago.

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