Recipe: Chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is a great addition to a dessert, or a snack, for example, chocolate brownies or crepes. This chocolate sauce recipe is easy to make, it doesn't take much time, and it tastes great!

Spinach Feta Börek

Börek is a Turkish snack that is usually filled with cheese and vegetables. It’s a vegetarian snack and a nice snack to serve when you have friends or family over.

Serving Tray with Vegetarian Snacks

Sometimes we make a 'borrelplank’ (Dutch word) when we have friends over or when we want to drink a glass of wine and eat some snacks together. A 'borrelplank’ is a tray with snacks or appetizers on there, kind of like a charcuterie. The difference is that charcuterie is a plate with meat on there and we make it vegetarian. Today we want to show you some ideas for a vegetarian snack serving tray as we usually don't eat a lot of meat, and there are a lot of options other than a cheese platter or a charcuterie.

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