Always have this in your pantry!

We would love to have a huge pantry one day as it makes life so much easier. You don't have to go to the store for every meal and you can buy products in bulk when they're on sale. Then, if the store runs out of certain products you might want or need. You don't have to worry about finding it, as you'll already have it in your pantry. Which products do we store in our pantry? What would we recommend you store in your pantry? Keep on reading for the answers to these questions.

How to use Leftovers?

Eating leftovers is a way to sustain both nature and your wallet. There is so much good food being thrown away that's actually still completely edible it's insane. In this article, we will share some examples of how we deal with leftovers and limit the amounts of food we throw away to near zero.

Against food waste: Too Good To Go

Too good to go is a company that tries to prevent food from going to waste. It uses a mobile application to facilitate their services. As a user of this application you can save food from being thrown away. A store or restaurant will place a box filled with products on the app for approximately 33% of the original price.

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