Recipe: Cheesecake in a Glass

This cheesecake is a nice dessert to serve when you have guests over. Or for when you have something to celebrate. It's delicious and tastes fresh and sweet. The raspberries on top give the dessert a nice look.

Recipe: BLTC club sandwich

The club sandwich is a dish I like to order when I go out for lunch. My favorite club sandwich is the BLTC, the sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chicken. I'll be really happy if the sandwich also contains guacamole or avocado. This time, we made our own version of a BLTC sandwich.

Recipe: Healthy Couscous Bowl

We think it's important to eat healthy and tasty meals most of the time. We don't want to eat the same dishes every time. So we try new recipes, like this healthy couscous bowl. It's a dish that is not hard to make, and it tastes very good!

Recipe: Limoncello Tiramisu

I used to think that tiramisu is a very heavy dish, and I didn't really like it. Until we made tiramisu at home. If you get tiramisu right, it's delicious and not that heavy at all. This recipe is a citrus variant of Tiramisu.

Recipe: Orange Cake Loaf

On the 27th of April, it's Kings Day in the Netherlands. By tradition, everything is orange that day. For this year, we made a Farmer's Cake with orange frosting and candy on top. The kids love it! Among grown-ups, it's more of a love-hate relationship, but the cake is always good.

Recipe: Frosting

Frosting can be used on top of cookies or to decorate a cake. You can also use Frostings to "glue" items together. This frosting recipe is easy to make and requires only two ingredients.

Sandwich with Croquette and Coleslaw

Two weeks ago, we posted a coleslaw recipe and mentioned that it tastes good on sandwiches. Today's article will be one example of how coleslaw can be great on sandwiches or buns. A croquette is a Dutch snack. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Traditionally, croquettes are made of a salpicon made from beef. We made a combination of croquette with coleslaw and sauce. This sandwich can be made with meat as well as a vegetarian, or even a vegan croquette, whichever you prefer.

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