Stop ordering food all the time!

Ordering food is an expensive habit and oftentimes, it's a rather unhealthy one as well. These meals are usually less healthy than when you'd cook your own dinner. So the question we'll answer here is: What are the downsides to ordering your food? We'll share some of our thoughts on how to resist the urge to order next week in a follow-up article.

How do we Create a Healthy Meal Plan?

Meal prepping is one of the things that helps us eat healthy while we both work full time. We prep some meals on the weekend in order to save time during the week. We also tend to plan for a whole week and only go to the supermarket once a week (sometimes two). Are you curious about how we do this, then keep reading!

Healthy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Comfort food carries its name for a reason, we also like to sometimes eat some comfort food, mostly on the weekend. However, we also want to stay fit and healthy. That's why we try to come up with alternatives for the things we like to eat! We like creating healthier or simply different versions of known recipes. Today we will share our healthy brownie recipe. One ingredient in this recipe that might surprise you, is Greek yogurt.

5 Easy Tips to Get Active / Motivated

I used to be unmotivated and unwilling to do sports/exercises. If I, for example, went on a run I'd always come back feeling proud of myself, and most of the time I'd be more energetic afterward as well. However, this didn't give me enough motivation to get excited about exercising. I wasn't motivated to do sports. Nowadays this is much easier for me and I'd like to share some things that are working to keep me more motivated. Hope it will help you to get more active and feel better!

Super Healthy Zucchini Broccoli Soup

Since we always state that making a tasty, healthy meal isn't hard we challenged ourselves to use fewer ingredients. The recipe we will share today is simple and quick (done in 10-15 minutes!) and you can make it with only 5 ingredients.

Recipe: healthy banana bread

Banana bread is a very popular snack to bake, since it's easy to make a healthy version. This banana bread recipe is without any refined sugars. So if you're craving some sweets, this is a good snack to eat.

Recipe: crunchy, healthy granola

Fruit or yogurt with granola is an easy and quick breakfast, but still a healthy start of the day. It contains a lot of good fats and you will get enough energy to start the day. This recipe is really easy to make and you can make multiple servings at once, which will save you some time in the morning.

Recipe: vegan panforte; gluten free and sugar free

This delicious recipe is gluten free, sugar free and full of healthy ingredients. Only a small piece of this can fulfill your feeling of hunger. Panforte, which literally means 'firm or strong bread' referring to the spiciness that it originally contained, was created in Sienna, Italy.

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