Stop ordering food all the time!

Ordering food is an expensive habit and oftentimes, it's a rather unhealthy one as well. These meals are usually less healthy than when you'd cook your own dinner. So the question we'll answer here is: What are the downsides to ordering your food? We'll share some of our thoughts on how to resist the urge to order next week in a follow-up article.

Why Should you add Wine to the Pan?

In some of our recipes, we recommend adding wine to the pan after baking your ingredients in it. We didn't explain why every time, as that would make the recipes unnecessarily long. However, we don't want you to blindly follow what we do, we want you to understand why we add wine to the pan after baking these ingredients. Wine adds more flavour to some dishes, but you can also use other drinks in your cooking. You will only get better at cooking by understanding what you're doing and why.

5 Tips for Cooking with Less Waste

It can be difficult to buy enough ingredients to cook your meals while and be able to eat them all before they expire. One of our goals is to limit food waste. This is good for our wallet and the environment while it makes us feel good. Today we want to share how we limit the amount of waste in our kitchen.

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