Recipe: Christmas Cinnamon Apple Bundt Cake

Every year we make a Bundt Cake for Christmas. There are many variations on bundt cake for example natural, chocolate, with a glaze topping, etc. We love bundt Cake with apple and cinnamon, a real winter flavor combination. Today we will share our apple cinnamon bundt cake recipe with you!

Recipe: Fig Compote

Fig compote is really tasty and it could be consumed with a lot of different products. Our favorite ways are to eat fig compote on a cheese platter or in a grilled cheese sandwich, but the options are endless. The following recipe is a really tasty, sweet fig compote with apple. You can make a whole jar full of the compote at once.

Our favorite breakfast: fruit with granola

Some time ago we already posted the recipe for the granola. There are endless variations for a breakfast with granola. For example with yogurt or with different types of fruits. We have a favorite combination that we often make: banana, apple and cinnamon with granola. Usually we'll bake the fruits in a pan and add a kiwi afterward.

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