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  • Recipe: Balsamic Syrup

    Recept: Balsamico Siroop

    Learn to make sweet balsamic syrup at home, perfect for salads and dishes. Whether you prefer sweet or tangy, this guide has you covered. Read more

  • Discover Spier’s Scenic Walking Route: Plankenpad

    Ontdek Spier's populaire wandelroute: het Plankenpad

    We went to the national park Dwingelderveld. The ‘Plankenpad’ is one of the more popular walking routes at Dwingelderveld. Join us in this article as we share our impressions of this popular route and why you should consider experiencing it for yourself.” How to get there? You can go to the parking place Oude Postweg… Read more

  • Recipe: Home Made Pita Bread

    Recept: Huisgemaakte Pitas

    Say goodbye to store-bought pitas! Discover the joy of crafting homemade pita bread. Easy, fresh, and customizable. Read more

  • Review: Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

    Review: Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

    We celebrated Rody’s birthday by spending a night at the Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen. we’ll share our thoughts on this hotel and our room. Read more

  • Recipe: Sgroppino

    Recipe: Sgroppino

    A combination of prosecco, lemon ice cream, and vodka. Over time, many variations have been named the same. Here’s a true Sgroppino recipe. Read more

  • A day in Delft, the best activities to do

    A day in Delft, the best activities to do

    We went to Delft for a day. It has many old and beautiful buildings everywhere you look. Today, we share our recommendations for Delft. Read more

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