5 Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries (part 2)

Every month most households spend hundreds of euros on groceries. While most families could actually save a lot of money on them. Here we will give you tips you can use to save money on your groceries. We tried these tips and most of them work for us, we would recommend you to also try some of them and see what the result is. We save about 30 percent on our groceries compared to only a few months ago.

7 Ways to Safe the Environment

Some people think that living more environment-friendly has to cost a lot of money and effort. We do not agree with this, as there are many easy ways that you can make that will help save mother nature. Today we will share with you 7 easy ways to do this, we hope you get some inspiration out of these tips!

7 Tips to Make Christmas Affordable!

Christmas is a time in which people tend to spend a lot. They have to buy presents, buy luxury items, food and decorate their houses. Households spend 25% more money in December compared to the average month. So the question becomes, how can you keep December affordable without missing out and looking cheap?

Against food waste: Too Good To Go

Too good to go is a company that tries to prevent food from going to waste. It uses a mobile application to facilitate their services. As a user of this application you can save food from being thrown away. A store or restaurant will place a box filled with products on the app for approximately 33% of the original price.

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